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About Us

Who We Are

Here at NTNL we strive for knowledge. Here are some technology insights:

01. R&D Protocol

The R&D Protocol used for the development of new products include key checkpoints before a product is formulated, to name a few:

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  • Drug Interactions;
  • Allergens;
  • Physiological Requirement;
  • Physiological Processes Involved;
  • What does the body need?
  • Essential or Non-essential;
  • Quality of Ingredients.

02. GMP

NTNL follows a strict GMP/GLP manual as basic practice.

03. Liposomes

NTNL primarily utilizes the liposomal technology after mastering the stabilization thereof.

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  • Liposomes are vesicles (very, very small spheres) comprised of fatty acids in an aqueous environment. As per definition simplified, a liposome is dependent on water. The technology lies in the part of forming the vesicles in water and keeping them stable as liposomes.

04. Fulvic Acid

One of the best substances produced in nature. NTNL uses Fulvic acid for all of its benefits.

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  • The fulvic acid used by NTNL is of pristine quality. The source of the fulvic acid we use is a pure, contaminant free source. Further information is available on request.

05. Combination of Fulvic Acid and Liposomes

NTNL makes use of the FulviSomes™ technology developed by Bioteq Natura Laboratories. It is a truly unique technology and a first of its kind.

06. Why products of natural source?

Nature has everything we need to thrive. We don’t discover, it has been there since the beginning.

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  • Nature is the ultimate chemist and biochemist. We are responsible for adding the right Ingredients together in a way that the body can utilize them for optimal performance.
  • The plant extracts used at NTNL are unique. We make use of local farmers and producers as far as possible with the highest quality available. We search for Organic Certified suppliers as far as possible.


NTNL uses a one of a kind packaging supplier. Most of the packaging supplied is produced in a class 1000 facility, meaning a 100% sterile environment.
NTNL prefer the use of glass to protect what is inside, it is clean and recyclable. PLEASE RECYCLE!!